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Learning to fly enables you to acquire freedom of the skies and gives you access to fantastic places all around the world. Any pilot will tell you what a wonderful experience it is to be able to fly an aircraft. It is a learning experience where you will discover yourself and gain a valuable skill.

The JAR/EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Learn to fly with unrestricted movement in the European Union through our structured Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course. This licence will allow you the privilege to experience the incomparable beauty of the sky, giving you mobility and access to places far above and beyond what most people can reach. Our course is fully integrated with one on one and group ground school classes to cover the seven subjects which make up the written part of the course. You will be able to take friends, family and colleagues on incredible adventures once you have your wings. Have a look at some of our reviews to get a feeling of what our current and former students have said about us.

This licence is internationally acceptable and will allow you to gain other licences such as the United States FAA Private Pilot License automatically once a bit of paper-work has been done.
The minimum age to gain your licence is 17, although you can begin training from the age of 14 and there is no upper age limit to hold a licence. We trained the youngest female pilot in the UK and our current oldest pilot is 92 years old!

The National Private Pilot Licence (NPPL)

This Licence is very similar to the JAR/EASA Private Pilot Licence, however some of the medical requirements are slightly lower and the minimum hours required to gain the licence are slightly less. This licence only allows you to fly within the UK and only in good weather.

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