Learning to Fly

Learning to fly can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of your life, giving you unparalleled freedom of the skies. Feel like popping over for lunch in France, or dinner in Ireland? Perhaps an afternoon simply admiring the landscape from a birds-eye-view? All of these things become possible once you have your licence, and with some of the best rates, instructors and aircraft in the country, what’s stopping you?

It all starts with a trial lesson, this first half hour or one hour flight with an instructor will give you a basic overview of how to fly an airplane as well as giving you the opportunity to take the controls for yourself!

What to do when you have a licence?

Our students have flown all over Europe, the United States and Australia to name but a few places. Once you start to learn you’ll discover that there are thousands of small airfields all over the world which become accessible and all kinds of adventures to be had. Some of our pilots use their licence for transport; Paris is just an hour and 45 minutes away and would cost just £60 per person if split between four, Amsterdam is a similar distance. Many of our pilots use their licence just to play with the clouds and enjoy the peace which comes with them. It’s your choice how you use it and our self-hire rates are the lowest in the south east!

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