Co-Pilot Course

What is it?

You may have a loved one or know someone who has learnt to fly and want to join them in discovering the skies. This course will teach you the basics of flying just in case you need to take over the controls in an emergency, which will give you peace of mind when flying with your partner or friend.

Flight instruction – structured flight training over 5 hours, fully integrated with the ground school on flying techniques. The effects of controls, straight and level flight, climbing, turning and descending.
Landing in an emergency will be covered and the theory of take offs. An introduction to communications and basic navigation skills will be discussed on the ground and in practical sessions. Overall the course will enable you to be confident with the effects of controls and understand the basics of flying an aircraft. Training hours plus 1 year’s free membership* and a log book.*Worth £100 and excludes any additional ground school.
We also offer the AOPA accredited Flight Companinon course, please click on the download for more information.

For more information please see email info@northlondonflyingschool.com

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