So you have a few questions about the experience.

Please check to see if your question is one of our frequently asked questions before you get in touch!

1. How do i book in a date?
– The booking process is done after your have purchased a voucher! On the voucher there is a code, this code is needed by the booking  team. So any time after receiving your voucher, just ring the number provided and quote them the code to get booked in!

2. I want to have the 4 seater experience, is the price per person?
No! The price quoted for the 4 seater experience is all inclusive! You can have whomever you like in the back for no additional cost!

3. Do i get to fly the aircraft?
– Yes! All our flights are educational, the aircraft are equipped with dual controls (like a driving instructors car) so you get to fly the aircraft under the watchful supervision of our trained instructors!

4. Do i have to bring any documents with me? Passport? ID?
Yes! If you could please bring a form of ID that matches the name on the voucher, this is for security purposes. If you do not have any ID with you on the day, your flight may be cancelled.

5. I want the 4 seater experience for 60 minutes, can we swap halfway so my friend can have a go at the controls?
– No! The process of landing, taxiing to a stop and then swapping seats will eat up a lot of your voucher time! It is also not possible to swap seats in the air for safety reasons.

6. I want to get my full PPL, shall i just lots of vouchers?
No! What we offer here is Trial Lessons, like an introduction to the sky! If you are interested in pursuing your PPL you will have to discuss it with the instructors, if you purchased a lot of our vouchers you would get introduced to the sky over and over again, but would not receive the more advanced training required for a PPL.

7. Am i allowed to record the experience?
– Yes! You are allowed to record or photograph your experience to show your loved ones that you flew a plane!

8. Where do we go on the experience?
– You will mostly stay in the local area due to airspace and time restrictions. This does mean if you live locally to the site you can fly over your own house!

9. My voucher is running out, what do i do?
If you have realised you will not be able to use your experience before it expires please get in touch with us! We can extend vouchers for a fee, but once expired they are void!

10. My voucher has expired, what do i do?
– Once your voucher has expired, it is voided on the system and cannot be redeemed. This is why they last for 6 months to give you plenty of time to book in!

11. Where is Elstree Aerodrome located?

London Elstree Aerodrome is uniquely placed for access to London and is easily accessible by public transport and car.  Located on the North West edge of London gives quickest road access to the North and West districts of London. On arrival at the airfield please continue along Hogg Lane up to the car park as the entrance at the lower end of the site is for goods access by arrangement only.   Bushey station is located a 12 minute drive away and runs fast trains taking 19 minutes to reach London Euston. Elstree & Borehamwood station is 8 minutes away by car and trains take 23 minutes to reach King’s Cross/St. Pancras International.  Stanmore station on the Jubilee line is a 9 minute car journey.  The Northern line can be boarded from Edgeware station, 12 minutes drive away. Watford station is 16 minutes from the airfield and serviced by the Metropolitan line. The London Overground line can also be accessed from Bushey rail station.

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