North London Flying School Memo.

To all Instructors and Private Hire.

Recently there have been two separate serious infringements of the Luton and Stansted CTRs. Both these infringements caused multiple delays to both inbound and outbound commercial traffic from Luton and Stansted, one of which clearly resulted in a TCAS Resolution Advisory. This reflects poorly on both our training and operational procedures. We operated in a very restricted and busy airspace environment. It has therefore been concluded that the easiest and best way to avoid the reoccurrence of these incidences, and as previously stated in a Memo dated 03/07/13 also attached, is that all aircraft departing from or arriving to Panshanger should contact Farnborough LARS North 132.800. In the very least Pilots should squawk 0013 and monitor Luton 129.550 or Stansted 120.625. Pilots are reminded to remain on Panshanger 120.250 whilst in the Panshanger area depicted on the chart below in green.

The other point that these infringements highlight is that in both cases the pilots infringed for a period of 15mins minutes before asking for help. As discussed in Memo 3/7/13, due to the environment in which we operate, and the proximity to controlled airspace should a pilot become disorientated they should ask for help without delay. Both of these incidences could have been resolved with minimal delays to commercial traffic should the pilots have contacted any radar frequency without delay having become disorientated.

Should anyone wish to discuss the services available to them from ATC, or have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact myself or Haim.


Seb Pike

Head of Training.

North London flying School.