We hope you enjoy our new website! Building on what was already a great website we’ve added a few new features.

Firstly there is now a Forum which can be accessed by members from the Member’s page. More details about how to use this feature will appear in the next newsletter.

We now have our own mini-blog which if you’re reading this message, is what you’re looking at now! We’ll post stories and details here in addition to the monthly newsletter.

You’ll probably notice that there are now more videos on some of the pages, we hope you like them! And there is now a gallery which we will be adding more photos to over the year.

Everything else is pretty much the same, the booking system uses the same details you have been provided with and our e-mail addresses are still the same as they were before! If you do notice any glitches please send an e-mail over to sue@northlondonflyingschool.com

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